Catacombes de Paris



paris3 paris5

Paris is a beautiful city. Full of bright colors, flowers architecture and street vendors. It’s easy to forget a cities dark history with modern day beauty all around. Thats why it was so crazy seeing the Catacombs.

Down 120 meters, below the sewer, below the Metro, and below the city water table, lies the Catacombs of Paris. To get into the tomb, you walk down a cement spiral staircase forever. As you step down each step, you can feel the temperature drop. You get an audio guide, and you walk about on your own.

Hearing the history of the Catacombs is truly wild. If you are not a history person, you can skip around at your own pace.

The feeling you get down in the Catacombs is hard to put into words. Before you go down into the tombs, you are just excited to do something creepy and cool. Then you get down there, and you realize all these bones were once living people.

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