Midnight in Paris


” But Paris After Midnight is Magic.”

   Walking around Paris at night is a dream. We arrived late afternoon and started walking the city. It was to late to go into any of the attractions, but somehow it worked out in our favor. Seeing Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower all lit up was magic.

We walked along the Seine River and ate at this awesome outdoor pizza place. Everything was handmade and simple, like a lot of places in Paris. Our hotel was located in the Bastille Neighborhood. The Metro was a block from our hotel. We stayed at Ibis Paris Bastille Opera 11th Hotel, it was a 2-3 star hotel. Simple, clean and everything you need to sleep, because that is all the time you will spend there.

The neighborhood we stayed in was perfect. It was off the tourist path and we had shops, bars, Metro and a market right next to our hotel. I love the Parisian Cafe seen. You buy a bottle of wine and hang out side on a little two top table. It didn’t matter if it was a Tuesday, these people were out socializing, having a cigarette and sharing a glass of wine. I think there is something we can all learn from the Parisians, besides the smoking.

Even though I love wine, my husband, Jordan was wined out. We found an Irish pub, with an Australian bar tender that drank as much Guinness as he served. This man, I still can’t remember how to spell his name ( Timenea) grew up a sheep herder in Southern Australia. He didn’t like that life, so he moved to Romania, worked at a hotel and then ended up working at a Irish Pub in Paris. Pretty wild, right?

(Timenea) introduced us to Andy, an English man that was working on a wealthy Sheikh’s horse property outside of Paris. As the night went on, so did the shots of Jameson and pours of Guinness. The Aussie teased the Britt about his love for the queen, or as Andy called it ” His Queenie.”  As the night grew later ( Timenea) invited us to his apartment. He said it was just down the road, so why not. Three miles later we arrived. ( Timenea) was super eccentric and a bit out there, but thats what made you want to know more.

We drank beers and talked about politics, differences between all of our countries, and the similarities. Everyone was really drunk and loud, and it was great. I am sure I could of gotten some great insight, but we were all too many beers past that. I do remeber lots of laughing though.

After a wicked hang over and 2 hours of sleep we barely made our flight home. When I told people we were going to Europe,  ” that will be so fun” was always followed by ” be careful.” Yes, there are things you should be aware off, just like anywhere. Are you a tourist or a traveler? Making local friends and being invited in to his home, was such a highlight on our trip.  The night at an Irish Pub in the middle of Paris was my favorite night of our trip.

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