The Land of ” Hella” Northern California






We have been living in Santa Rosa, California for about 5 months now. I love it here. I have met great people, tasted amazing wine and beer, and I’ve eaten tasty food! Santa Rosa is an hour north of San francisco ( Wine Country!) Funny enough, we moved here for BEER! Russian River Brewery is expanding their brewery and the company Jordan works for ( how we travel full time) is in charge of the beer tanks, lines basically anything the beer will flow through. Have you heard of Russian River Brewery? If you like West Coast IPA’s I’m sure you have. Pliny the Elder or Pliny the Younger ring a bell? Their triple and double IPA are pretty famous brews. Not to mention they make awesome sours!

Moving here right after the Sonoma Fires, housing was a struggle. We were not able to stay in our fifth wheel RV on this job. We got an apartment, and in all honesty having a full-size tub has been nice! Living in an apartment with no yard, we still have to get creative to get our nuggets tired. I use to just take them to local dog parks, but Max stopped having fun. He was getting really protective over Louie, and crazy barking at every stranger. Thank god for Dillon Beach!

We go to Dillon Beach at least once a week, if not twice! It’s a private beach that is completely dog friendly. Dogs are allowed to be off leash, as long as they are trained. The boys love this place! they go insane! Running up and down the sand dooms, hopping through the waves, and digging for crabs. I like to go during the weekday morning because there is no one out there. We love having the beach to ourselves! The rolling hills before you arrive on the beach is breath taking. It’s like a warmer version of Ireland. Green hills, and cows just chillin.

I feel like our move to Santa Rosa was good reset button for us. We were able to clean out our camper and do a deep clean and get some repairs done. I have been working at a local tap room, which I love.  I have loved having a normal size tub, but I am missing my house on wheels. Soon enough! I can’t wait to show more of Northern California with you. We tried to do highway 101 into San Francisco last weekend, but I got crazy car sick. I know, lame! We will do it soon though! I also want to take a day trip up to Mendocino soon.  Let me know what your favorite Northern California spots are! We love taking weekend trips!

This place is Hella cool! It should be on everyones Travel Bucket-list!



The Kid-less Friend

IMG_6465Scrolling through my social media feeds all I see is ” Moms question on this” or Moms what’s your favorite this.” No one ever says ” Kid-less person what’s your take on this” or “Kid-less person whats your opinion on that.”  My most favorite thing, is if you have an opinion on a child acting like the spawn of satan, you will get a ” You will understand once you have kids.”  Nope. Pretty sure I don’t need special mommy super powers to spot an asshole 10 year old.

” This girl is my best friend, we do everything together.” ( insert picture of mom and 5 year old) Really? We’ve come to this? I’ve been replaced by 5 year olds. She can’t even drink. I’m sure she has great insight on Paw Patrol, but does she know the gossip about The Real House Wives of Beverly Hills? If she does, you’re a shit mom. All jokes aside. I get it. I am pretty sure my dogs are my best friends. IMG_8101.jpg

I thought I was ready to have children a couple years ago, nope. I was at my friends house with her kid and our other friend joined us with her kid. I brought my niece. Looking back at this day, I totally used my niece as a test pilot. ( sorry Morgan) Anyway, I thought we would let the little nugget loose in the backyard and have a glass of wine, or a beer,  I would of settled for a snack. The conversation turned into birth stories, dark nipples, baby blowouts, sleeping 2hours a night and natural vs pain killer delivery (Take the drugs, duh.) The question I tapped out on was, Did you eat your placenta?  I knew right then, I was nowhere near mature enough to have children.

 I love all my friends, and their little nuggets. This is a stage of my life, where I am focused on growing and creating who I want to be. My friends are focused on growing themselves and tiny humans, I get it. Everyones tired.

My 27, senior citizen self will keep posting  pictures of my fur babies while you post cute pictures of your babies.