Guinness Brewery, Dublin








Guinness Brewery is like Willie Wonka Factory for beer loving adults. The beer really does taste different there, it’s the freshest Guinness you will ever taste! The tour they created was really neat. They did a great job explaining the brewing process, where they get their ingredients, how much beer they produce and how they became one the most recognized beers around the world. All this information is super cool, if you are beer nerds like us.

After the 45 minute tour, you go into the tasting room and learn the proper way to drink a Guinness. Just drink it right? Wrong! I learned something new. I usually don’t like the first few sips of my Guinness because all I would get is foam. Well, I was drinking it wrong. No Sipping! You have to drink through the foam and earn a Guinness Mustache! ( Picture above shows my prideful mustache)

After the tour and the tasting you get to go up the gravity room at the top of the brewery and receive your pint of beer. You can have someone pour it for you, or you can learn to pour your own Guinness. The perfect pour! The Guinness Brewery was one of my favorite tours. I highly recommend coming here, if you are planning on coming to Dublin!